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08 May 2008 @ 10:14 am
Why hello thar!  
Welcome to mikaminotyukami , a community done in the style of all those other Death Note roleplay support groups.

The first discussion topic shall be: Where do you play Mikami and what challenges have you come across while playing? Also, tell us a bit about yourself...if you want.

I'll start~

My name is Lina, or Jean, or Acid. (Yes, the first is the same as mr_raito 's founder. Creepy, I know. D=)

I've only been playing Mikami for a few weeks now(may be longer, my since of time is shot), but I've already found herhis character to be very...interesting to play.

I play the following:

AU!Mikami[ handofjustice  ] - econtra_rpg :

This Mikami is female who was pulled out of her world right after she wrote Near's name in her death note. She found herself in a crappy looking city signed up for a crappy war. Everyone has a cuff that keeps them from leaving the compound or causing harm to anyone. All weapons are confiscated upon entry. She still has her notebook...but it's fake, and she doesn't know it yet.

She's different from her male counterpart in that she's completely infatuated with Light, and she has gender issues. She's also a bit more of a recluse.

The biggest problem I've had with playing her is how to handle her KAMI!!!!'s rejection. There's no OU!Light in Econtra, only AU...and he's a shinigami that likes to mess with her. In short, he doesn't have many memories of his past life. So when Mikami asked him to prove to her who he was, he couldn't come up with anything. She wanted an explanation, and (I'm guessing) he went "screw this shit" and never replied. Later, she found out that he was Light, and went to beg forgiveness(over journal). He pwn'd her with such wonderful lines as "You have greatly offended me." and "Beg".  And many lulz were had.

After that, she freaked...the problem I had was not making her too emo, but still hurt...and stuff. >.> I'm still not sure if I succeeded.

OU!Mikami[ kirapwnsme  ] - elysium_cruiser 

Mikami is stuck on a spaceship! Luckily, he has his Kami with him. YAY KAMI!!
Yeah, I just started this one, so I don't have much to say. I'm very paranoid about playing him, since he's the first non-AU cannon character I've done.

Your turn! =D
lorahrose on June 27th, 2008 08:02 pm (UTC)
Late post is late, but nobody likes people spamming up a community with boring intros, so, ah, hi! I'm Lorah, semi-former player of ir_religious over at dndressingroom I never really bothered to finalize his profile, but basically, he's a post-series Mikami from an AU where the Death Note storyline played out like a regular police procedural. Pre-magical teleportation to the Mansion, he'd been a shut-in who had been bleakly waiting out his God-bereft life; post-teleportation, he started getting re-conflicted between "oh shi--God is real and i betrayed Him; imma goin' to hell o_O" and "wait maybe if i SAKUJO some evil and do it 4REALZ this time, God will forgive me!"

The dressing room was my first RP in a long time--like, not since the Harry Potter 'Sues I used to play on a friend's message board back when I was fourteen--so I was really nervous, and I did a lot of stuff wrong. If you couldn't tell from the way I ramble, I have a VERY hard time writing dialogue for brusque, straight-to-the-point characters and making it sound unique, so he either talked in "K-K-Kami!"-nervous stutter mode (which was amplified to epic fail levels when attempting to hide his craziness from the kid-Mikami who's there), or like a pretentious douchebag. Actually, I don't even think "brusque" is the right word to describe Mikami's way of speech... he's not chatty, but he's not impolite, either.

I also chose to play up his religious conflicts... mostly just because it's an issue which is interesting to me. If you look at his journal, all the titles and stuff are ripped out of John Milton's Samson Agonistes. It's basically an emofest delievered by a blinded Samson, who is now enslaved by the Philistines and thinking about how awesome it'll be to wreck their temple. Pretentious as it is, I still really like as an inspiration work for a post-series Mikami. All the stuff about God's champion, now bereft of his power because he was tempted by the possiblity of having a normal life in the world he was supposed to regard as "sinful" and beneath him (which means Takada=Delilah, heh); and the questioning of whether his whole destroying-the-temple thing is really justified by God, thus getting him back his salvation, or a selfish act of revenge in which he dies along with all the other sinners he thought he was worthy to judge... yeah. It really sparked a lot of ideas for me, but I kind of have yet to learn the difference between getting ideas from something, and then just name-dropping lots of LOOKIT MEEE I READ MILTON! references into my writing. :/ Also, as much as I like SA, I realize that it doesn't really make any sense for Mikami to be associated with Christianity. I tried to get around it by having him be obsessed with religious studies in general--like, before Kira and the ensuing disaster, he used to read extensively on any scared text he could get his hands on, in hopes that he could assure himself that his God was real and out there somewhere, but he was never really satisfied with any of it... I dunno, but it seems like a stretch in characterization to me now. :P

...But yeah, then the LSAT pwned me, and then I realized he was pretty fail to begin with, so I kind of dropped out of the game... *sadface* I still like him though, poor pup, and I actually still update his character journal whenever I feel like writing, even if I'm too hesitant to re-enter the game. So that's why I'm here, right? To learn to stop doin it wrong!

...Wow. Rambly pointless Lorah is rambly and pointless, but still, thanks for having me!
AU!Mikami Teru: Sadhandofjustice on June 28th, 2008 05:25 am (UTC)
I wrote out a big response to this....and it got deleted. T.T


lorahrose on June 28th, 2008 06:02 pm (UTC)
Nuuu! Bad eljay! ;_;

Too passive? How so? Of course I'm not one to talk, because ir_religious was downright spineless, unless he was doing something dumb to attract the attention of KAMI!!! I rationalized it by going, "Well, being a good citizen would be part of his moral code, and in Japanese culture it's important to be self-deprecating and to go with the flow and blah blah whatevs..." but no, that is doin it rong, because canon goes to great lengths to point out that Mikami is a scary weirdo for the sake of justice. Maybe I'm just too conditioned to seeing other people unhappy, but even the scene where he was breaking up the fight between the kids on the bus was giving me weirdo vibes... like, "Dude, they're kids and they're just teasing; why aren't you minding your own business?"

I know it's rarely a good idea to bring sweeping generalizations into a discussion, but I was reminded of something we were talking about in class recently; about the difference between shame- and guilt-based cultures... How in a shame-based culture, you're driven to feel bad based on how you're seen as a person, and in guilt-based cultures, it's more about your actions and choices. I guess it might be easier for a Western fan, who maybe came from a more guilt-based upbringing, to see more good in Mikami's actions, because it's about personal integrity, and following the rules regardless of who's looking and such. Whereas in Japanese culture, which is more shame-based, the "rules" are less important than being able to read people socially, consider what would be best for everybody, and evaluate each situation according to such. Of course obviously each culture has a mix of both perspectives, but I think in that context, even Mikami's good actions seem more like self-righteousness.

AND TY FOR REASSURING ME OF MY SPECIAL SNOWFLAKEOSITY, BB. &HEARTS; J/k, I really do appreciate it... I tend to be way too easily butthurt about anything writing-related. That, and I've always had a lead touch when it comes to characterization--where other people talk about characters that they've written about for years, and how they've become so nuanced and dimensional, I seethe with jealousy, because it seems like the longer I mess with a character, the more cartoony-exaggerated they get.

Still, now I really want to app somewhere "for real," other than a dressing room... I SQUEE!'d when I saw the ad for forgotten_gods over at InsaneJournal, because it sounded just perfect and that book is ultimate win... But then I read the FAQ and realized they're OCs-only (or rather, original interpretations of mythological entities? XD), and they only want people to apply as gods, and not as the mortals who get tangled up with them. And there was much sadface. But oh man I want a panfandom Amercian Gods game like burning now; I WAAAANTS IT XD
AU!Dibnotabighead on June 29th, 2008 01:10 am (UTC)
Well, I had her use elipses a lot...in typed format *headdesk*. She got pwnd by Light really early, so whenever she does something now, she first thinks "Would this displease Kami? D=>" Kicked puppy syndrome, me calls it.

Aye, I the weirdo vibes are what made him stand out in his culture...thing. People are *supposed* to mind their own business and...he didn't. =/ Buuut, my Mikami is keeping to herself more out of sheer fear of being kicked/killed by Light (since he actually tricked her into thinking he was going to kill her....to test her loyalty....this was right after they had sex, mind you. >___> So yeah, she's pretty whipped/emotionally damaged now.) She also has this huge vendetta thing against her OU, because he like....betrayed Kami. =/ And he's playing truth or dare in public, she doesn't like that since it's very hard to tell the difference between them. Buuut, she's also a smug bitch because Light chose HER instead of HIM and he is obvously the wrong/stupid one because he was WRONG about Light not being Kami because he's the fricking 'king of shinigami' and also like, ttly had sex with her for a full week straight. >___>

Wow, I rambled! ^.^''

I liked the religious stuffles, I found it an intersting way of looking at it. I might have ripped it off or something if I'd known anything about the bible. >__>

XD I went and looked, it looks awesome. Is it bad that I kinda wanted to be the god of Anon? XD


Skytides is free though, but they only have one DN character...or will once the app goes through. But it's AU steampunk, so you could make him all religious and stuffs. =3

lorahrose on July 1st, 2008 04:07 am (UTC)
Poor handofjustice! The whole conflicting emotions thing, with Light pwning her but her still being proud of being "chosen" is interesting, especially because I don't think a Mikami would too readily admit to even having emotions, period. They have been bottled up through years of carefully-constructed repression and all that. And yeh, I'd think that withdrawing and lying low would def. be an IC response to that kind of emotional damage.

Oooh, I did forget about skytides... I peek at Econtra every now and then too, and have oft been intimidated by its awesomeness. Out of all the multifandom games, I think it's got one of the best mixes of characters from different fandoms--a lot of places get kinda overrun by anime/manga really fast... I had a passing fancy to app Ben Linus from Lost over there, but ARGH, I should study moar. T_T
AU!Mikami Teru: Sadhandofjustice on July 1st, 2008 04:50 am (UTC)
Aye, she hasn't really admitted to any emotions at all. She had 'feelings' for Light, but she saw that as more blaphamey then anything. And then there was a horney plot, and Light was all...yeah. Which yeah, kinda broke her a bit more, since she spent so much time convincing herself that nothing like that would happen and that it was wrong. That lasted for a week, and at the end of that he just kinda...dropped her like "yeah, yeah, I'll get back to you....". Which was really fun because she kinda knows he's probably lying but she doesn't really care because it's God and yeah....fun stuff. XD

I have her act sort of 'as if' she has emotions some times, because she's afraid that if she doesn't, she'll give herself away. Though I did recently have her invite someone to live with her, but that was more out of fear that she wouldn't pass the activity check then anything. ^.^''

Gah, I know what you mean. I almost failed a class because of Econtra. T.T