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07 June 2008 @ 11:13 am
I want to be the first to say..  
Yay! Happy Birthday Teru Mikami :3

Since it's his birthday, I've been wondering about this..

In the anime he dies at age 27 by suicide by pen, right? On his own free will too, meaning that that was his true death day/age.

Though, I couldn't help by wonder that since his lifespan was cut in half for his shinigami eyes, does that mean his true death would have been 54?

Something about that bothers me because he looked like a perfectly healthy person, he worked out every Thursday I believe? 54 does not seem like a suitable age for someone who is health conscious.

One possibility I thought up was that he would die in some sort of accident when he was 54 or something. OR that he would've 'died from insanity' sort of thing by the time he was that old. Heh. Mid-life crisis anyone? Hehehe.

I still think Mikami was suppose to live much longer than 27 even after the eye trade..D: Or I'm just being a hopeful fangirl.

The manga makes more sense for him to die at a young age since there was Matsuda's theory of Near writing Mikami's name in the note and such, blah blah blah.

The anime leaves me empty handed and depressed confused over Mikami's age/death.

Discuss anyone? Heh.
Acid "Zef": grumbleacidrica on June 9th, 2008 12:23 pm (UTC)
Once again, sorry it took so long! D=>

Hm. I think the eye trade cuts your remaining lifespan in half. So....he would have only lived twice the time between he made the trade and when he self-sakujo'd?

Wow, that brings up more of an issue! D=> He was obviously in his prime (anime gym sequence anyone? *is shot*), so I don't think his death would have been natural. I think it'd be safe to say he'd get run over by a car or something, though even that seems unlikely. I vote a jailbreak followed by criminals swarming his home, leading to ONE FINAL SHOWDOWN!! >__>